About Us

..making IT happen

Right from its birth in year 2002, Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EESPL) has emerged out as a pioneer in the field of Electronics and Electrical based Research & Development Company. We are working for our prestigious clients to provide services in Industrial Automation, VLSI, Embedded-Systems, Telecom & MATLAB related research and Product development work.

At EEAST that is our technical training and man power skill enhancement unit providing technical programs in the most advanced Electronics & Electrical Field, we always try to cover the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of modern technology.

Being the first and the most experienced company of the region to work in Embedded Systems, VLSI & Industrial Automation, EEAST is famous as the most trusted brand for its most advanced training programs.

As said "Survival is for the fittest" and in today's cut-throat competitive world, if an Engineer has to survive in the industry, he must be familiar with the most recent technology trends.

Considering this into the mind, we at EEAST provide the Job oriented advanced Electronics trainings in the most recent technology domains. During this training, our primary goal is to enhance the technical & other personal skills of an individual in such a way that he can meet the needs of the global market.

It helps them to present themselves professionally in the Industry and become confident enough to face the interviews easily.

Augmentation is a dream virtue of every performer - we at EESPL envisaged on a theme for providing a new epitome of IT solutions in the embedded, Telecom & Software based Product development services. Our edge right from the start was creating a perceptible differentiation among the plethora of communized IT solutions.

EESPL - Where Progress is a Winning Habit

Eureka ElectroSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EESPL) is primarily operating as a registered R & D lab for the development and conception of Advanced Automation related software and hardware solutions. Our expertise includes electronics and software based stand alone solutions as well as combined integrated solutions termed as "Electrosoft Solutions". At EESPL over the years we have developed a core competency to maximize the quality & innovation parameter while working on any task. Our proven values have made us as a prime leader in providing customized solutions.

It is our stiff endeavor to amplify our clients' viewpoints and to carve up their thoughts. This in turn is transformed into factual scenario working models with a collection of prime technological aspects. All this is and much more in the shortest turnaround period.

EESPL - The Background and Essence of Operations

The year 2005 witnessed the birth of a visualization – which was to impart economy with a pinnacle swiftness of innovation in contemporary Industrial IT Solutions. There came EESPL and a new chapter of imparting excellence in IT techniques came into subsistence.

That was the foundation and today the road voyaged by EESPL encompasses years of reliance, accomplishments and above all unlimited bonds. The bonds that speak for themselves, the relationships that reflect factual progress. Triumph at EESPL is defined as the never ending smile on our dear customer's face. At EESPL we do not impart conception, we create endearing teams.

Indulging within Minds, Imparting Technologies

Understanding the pulsation of a customer forms our principal challenge. Assurances that mean results, efforts that capitulate advancement and outcomes that move imaginings form the spirit of our day after day working. Timeliness is of chief value to us and understanding the modern day race for time, we deliver the maximum in minimum and that too with precision. Our approach of operation also constitutes of a dedicated Registered Research and Development lab to make available the final deliverables with thread bare technologies.

Our precedence is often devised on the scale of our customer's desires. After carefully analyzing on the need based approach we craft a well planned set of operations – each fragment is build with an in depth focus on customer's requirements.

Vision & Mission Target

Our corporate vision is to provide a fully functional IT platform to all complex tasks thereby inducing a greater sense of effectiveness and to consistently create value for money, by providing solutions which enable our customers to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge.

Our mission statement is to provide endearing technologies of future in the present era and for that we are committed to develop innovative and the most valuable solutions to our customers as our motto is "Changing Ideas into Reality".

Our Core Values


Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services - from the very first stage of design to implementation and customer support.

Competence At EESPL we always pride ourselves on the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of our team. Our team members make use of their keen Competence to foresee industry trends and meet demanding customer needs. And the working of their collective minds in a highly supportive environment ensures that our products and services retain a competitive edge at all times.

Quality Objectives

Quality forms the basis of our work culture. To impart the right and the leading technology, we follow the most rigorous norms. Each of our product stage goes through multi check points. Every possible situation is thought of and a remedial action is built in. The presence of our dedicated Quality Analysis team makes sure that the minutest details are met with precision. We fully understand the global quality perspective and we follow in tandem with the same.

Quality Testing

Extensive industry exposure, expanded skills and comprehensive experience in executing key projects for reputed global companies enable us to bring world-class technology, true-value professional expertise & immense knowledge of successful project management.

Quality Assurance is one of the key focus areas and once a solution is developed, our Software Testing Team steps in to perform the rigorous rituals, required to deliver a robust, flawless product/application. Software testing at Olive is performed at several points in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), as an application is constructed component by component into a functioning system. Our qualified testers carry out intense testing for bugs and flaws and fix the same - all within the strictest time frame.